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Quotes from Recent IAFC Scholarship Winners

“It is an honor to be chosen to receive an IAFC Foundation Scholarship. The scholarship will assist me in pursuit of my Bachelor’s degree in Fire Administration and my future goal of becoming a chief officer.  Thank you IAFC Foundation for helping me achieve this goal. ” - Robert Adcock

“Knowledge is a key factor in providing safe and excellent fire service delivery, and in today’s modern fire service, it stems mostly from training and education. With great honor I thank the IAFCF for the opportunity to continue expanding and building my knowledge through education towards a Bachelor’s degree in Fire Investigation all in the effort to improve fire service delivery.” - John Aniello

“I am honored to be the recipient of the IAFC Foundation Scholarship.  This scholarship is a blessing to me and my family, which will help reduce the financial burden of continuing my education. With this scholarship I plan to obtain a bachelor’s degree and continue to serve our community. I hope that through my example I can inspire not only my children but my fellow firefighters to seek out all educational opportunities.” - Efrain Bautista

“I would like to take this opportunity to thank the IAFC for the honor of this scholarship.  My formal education has been a great challenge that has caused me to critically think about the fire service and the world we live in.  I am particularly honored as a member of the IAFC to be recognized for the hard work that I have put in towards a degree and becoming a more well-rounded leader in our industry.” - John Bostwick

“This scholarship will help better educate me to meet the current and future needs the fire service. I have told other people other fire service members for years to get their education. I’m finally taking my own advice.” - Kevin Brow

“I am honored and humbled to receive the 2017 Educational Scholarship Award from the IAFC.  With the rising cost of college, programs like the IAFC educational scholarship are vital to the continued success of the fire service, especially given the dynamic environment in which we are required to operate. As a lifelong public servant I am dedicated to the continuous improvement of my organization, my city, and the fire service as a whole. I believe pursuing higher education can assist on all three of these levels by providing strategic frameworks that will enhance my ability to implement evidence based practices to achieve better outcomes for those whom I serve.” - William Brown

“I am very honored to have been chosen to recieve the 2017 IAFC Foundation Explorer Scholarship.  Becoming an explorer at the age of 16 fulfilled a childhood dream of mine.  I am looking forward to taking this dream further with this scholarship by pursuing a degree in Arson and Explosion Investigation at Eastern Kentucky University.” - Joseph Carmichael

“This scholarship from the IAFC will help me gain the necessary education to better myself as a administrator, professional, and leader. It is through organizations like the IAFC that younger generations are able to advance the fire service. Thank you for your support.” - Andrew Cavanaugh

“It’s an honor to receive this scholarship from the International Fire Chiefs Association. This scholarship will help me further my education. In moving forward with my education it will not only benefit me but will also benefit my co-workers and residents within my fire district. I plan to use this scholarship to complete my bachelor’s degree.” - Frank Chojnacki

“I would like to express my gratitude to the International Associations of Fire Chiefs Foundation for the honor of being chosen as a recipient of the 2017 IAFC Foundation Educational Scholarship. I was asked to write what this means to me and my family; this scholarship opens so many doors for my future in the fire service. As it has been said before, the fire service is dynamic and changing, and as public service officials, we are required to be constantly looking to increase our job knowledge and skills. I have been extremely blessed to have been chosen in order to do just that by having the ability to complete my studies in Public Service Administration. I look forward to my next challenge of completing my Master's Degree in these studies over the next few years. I cannot express my gratitude enough for this very generous scholarship that will have a lasting effect not only on me and my family, but also the fire service as a whole.” - James Clement

“Winning the 2017 IAFC Foundation Educational Scholarship has given me the inspiration and opportunity to fulfill a life goal by earning a Bachelors degree in Fire Administration and Fire Investigations,  I will better serve the organization and community I work for now and in the future as a leader in today's fire service” - Nicolas Coutsouvanos

“This scholarship will allow me to continue to work towards pursuing advancement in the field of emergency management, at both the tactical and strategic levels. A strong well-rounded education in the liberal arts develops a more engaged critical thinker, while also specializing in a field of study relevant to one's passion, we can encourage a deliberate path to be a real power player in roles which shape public policy. I would like to thank the IAFC for giving me this opportunity, as the funds will be utilized to ensure the continuation of my degree.” - Michael Cronin

“Thank you for awarding me with the 2017 IAFC Foundation Educational Scholarship.  With this scholarship I am now even closer to obtaining my next big goal in my life, to begin my college education.  This career goal was one that I placed upon myself when I was promoted to Captain on this very day one year ago.  Once again thank you so much.” - Anthony Dennis

“Receiving this scholarship reminds me to always work hard for your dreams and your efforts will never go unnoticed. I am excited to use this scholarship to continue my pursuit in a career with the Fire Department. Thank you to the IAFC Foundation for this incredible opportunity!” - Rebekah Drews

“I am very grateful being awarded the IAFC Educational Scholarship.  It will be a huge help finically and contribute to me reaching my educational goal, to help with future endevors in the fire service.” - John Elliott

“I would like to thank the IAFC Foundation. The assistance the Foundation has given me and my family enables me to focus on learning without worrying about how we will pay for the education. I will use this scholarship to continue my course work towards a Master’s Degree in Public Administration.” - Nathan Gac

“Being awarded the IAFC Foundation Educational Scholarship is a great honor. This opportunity will assist me in furthering my education and knowledge, which will allow me to achieve my professional goals and dreams. I look forward to using these tools to enhance my career as a firefighter.” - Shawn Genung

“I am humbled by this selection, as the IAFC will allow me to continue my education.  This is a great honor and  one which will make me work even harder in pursuit of my studies. Funding for training and education is scarce in the fire service and this scholarship makes learning possible.   ” - Kyle Hagan

“I am honored to have received this scholarship from the IAFC. This will truly assist with achieving my educational endeavors and promotes progression and solidarity in the fire service profession. ” - Shane Hall

“I would like to thank the IAFC foundation for all their support with the educational grant. The financial help is a big relief and couldn't have come at a better time for me. I am thrilled to have been chosen by such a prestigious group and the fact that the Chief's association has a direct influence on the development of the next generation of leaders is very inspirational. I plan on using the funds to pay for the classes charged to my account and then look forward to next years scholarship which will help me graduate. Thanks again to all in the IAFC for your support.” - Brian Harbison

“First, this scholarship means that I have the ability to continue my education to better myself, without worrying about the funds required to receive the education. This scholarship has changed my life by allowing me to follow my dreams and at the same time be able to broaden my horizons. Finally, this award matters to me because it shows that I have worked hard within the fire service and having the ability to be recognized for those efforts is special to me.” - Elizabeth Hayes

“I am extremely honored to receive the 2017 IAFC Foundation Educational Scholarship. This scholarship will help me to further my education and allow me to follow in the footsteps of my father and grandfather of one day becoming a leader in the fire services field.” - Megan Hoover

“It is with great honor that I have received this scholarship from the International Fire Chiefs Association. From company officer improvement to student financial support the IAFC is committed to developing stronger firefighters. I am truly thankful for the IAFC Foundation and their support that has continued my education.” - James Johnston II






“I am tremendously thankful for the opportunity to be awarded the 2017 IAFC Foundation Educational Scholarship. The educational scholarship will provide me financial assistance in the pursuit of my Doctorate in Public Administration. I am confident that the knowledge and experiences I gain throughout this degree program will be applicable to my career path in the fire service.” - Lindsay Judah

“Thank you to the International Association of Fire Chiefs for awarding me the 2017 IAFC Foundation Educational Scholarship!  This scholarship will help me to pursue a degree in Fire Administration.  I plan to apply what I learn from this degree program to benefit the Statesboro Fire Department, the citizens we serve and the fire service as a whole.  The financial support of the IAFC will help to make my educational goals a reality.” - Merritt Kearns

“This award means so much to me because with it I will now be able to complete my Bachelors in Fire Administration.  I am so very thankful to the IAFC for awarding me this Scholarship, it has helped me to reach my goals.” - Anthony LaFemina

“I would like thank the International Association of Fire Chiefs Foundation for their generous support with this scholarship opportunity. Education is an important component to keeping our firefighters safe and expanding knowledge within our field. The financial support provided by this scholarship will allow me to work with my peers to gain valuable skills that can be brought back and used to improve our departments.” - Scott Lessard

“I am grateful to receive this scholarship to help me fulfill my goal in obtaining a Masters Degree from America Public University in Exercise Science. I am an advocate in believing that fitness and a proper healthy lifestyle will benefit firefighters throughout their careers. As firefighters age during their fire careers the job becomes harder on the body if one does not maintain some type of fitness program. I am hoping to pass on some of the cutting edge knowledge I gain from this degree in Exercise Science to my fellow firefighters, in the hopes of improving their fitness lifestyle habits.” - Tracy Lowry

“I would like to thank the IAFC for this great opportunity.  Being a 2017 Scholarship recipient means a great deal to me and my family by letting me continue my education.  With a degree in Health and Wellness, I will be able to help my fellow firefighters and my department live longer and healthier lives through the knowledge I am able to communicate to them.  Thank you again.” - Andrew Morrow

“The IAFC scholarship has greatly helped in the continuation of my education.  Broadening the areas of education needed to serve the community, which is important  to me. ” - Dusty Qualls

“I would like to thank the IAFC and express my gratitude for selecting me as a recipient of the 2017 educational Scholarship. It is an honor to be supported by a great organization in my professional development. This will allow me to complete my B.S in Fire Administration and my family and I can’t thank you enough for your support.” - Taan Robrahn

“I would like to thank the International Association of Fire Chiefs for investing in my future. This scholarship will allow me to continue my formal education. It will further assist me in obtaining my bachelor degree in fire science. More importantly in my pursuit of my degree, the knowledge that I gain will allow me to better service my department, our community and the firefighters I work with. ” - Joseph Ruffennach

“I would like to thank the International Association of Fire Chiefs Foundation for selecting me for the 2017 IAFC Foundation Educational Scholarship. With budget cuts and the departments cutting back on education, this scholarship will help me continue to reach my education goal and career advancement. I’m truly honored to have received a great honor from a great foundation that believes in higher education in the Fire Service.” - Joseph Schimanski

“Receiving this scholarship is truly an honor and I'm extremely grateful for this opportunity. This scholarship is much more than financial assistance but a gateway to higher education, professional development, and career advancement. This scholarship is going to help me achieve my goals of obtaining my Paramedic and an Associate’s Degree. I hope with this expanded knowledge base I become a greater assets to those in need and have a positive effect on the community as a whole.” - Amy Shultz

“I am truly honored to have been awarded a 2017 Educational Scholarship Award. I would like to say “Thank you” to the IAFC Foundation and the supporters of the foundation. The scholarship will assist me in pursuit of my Bachelor’s Degree in Fire Administration at Bowling Green State University. ” - George Sorge

“It is an honor to be chosen as a recipient of the 2017 Chief A. 'Chet' Henry Scholarship.  I am humbled to be recognized for my leadership potential.   Thank you for providing me assistance with the opportunity to further develop my leadership skills to serve the department and the community.” - Cameron Stewart

“I am honored to be chosen as a recipient of the 2017 IAFC Foundation Educational Scholarship. This award will help me be one step closer to completing my Bachelor's Degree in Communication Studies with a minor in Fire Service Administration. This degree will undoubtedly allow me to excel and achieve great things in my fire service career with the Baltimore County Fire Department. ” - Jacob Stuart

“This scholarship is a wonderful and generous awarded gift to assist me in my education towards a bachelor degree in Public Safety Management through the Southern Illinois University - Carbondale program.  The money obtained will assist me in furthering my education, and in turn, becoming promotable for the rank of Battalion Chief for my department.  My department and my fellow brothers will also benefit from my deepening education by myself becoming more knowledgeable to handle management problems and apply management theories to our day-to-day operations.” - Jeremy Stukel

“Thank you so much for selecting me as the recipient of the 2017 Heather Westphal Memorial Scholarship Award from the International Association of Fire Chiefs Foundation. The assistance from this prestigious award will allow me to take more courses this year. I will be able to receive my Master’s Degree in Organizational Leadership sooner than I had planned. I am honored to be selected by the IAFC and humbled by the support and recommendations I have received from the Chiefs of my department. The entire process of my program will give me knowledge that I can apply to my leadership skills so that I can give back to my department and the community of Ames, Iowa.” - Karen Tapper

“I want to thank the foundation and all involved for this gracious contribution to my future. I am honored to have been chosen by the IAFC for the 2017 Arthur J. Glatfelter Memorial Scholarship. I believe knowledge can never be taken away from you, but should always be shared.  It is my promise that my words will not be void and this contribution will benefit the future of the fire service. This scholarship will aid my effort to become a better officer, future chief, and a strong advocate of higher learning.” - Pabel Troche

“I'd like to that the Foundation for the generous gift. Receiving this scholarship will directly affect the members of my department and mostly affect the citizens we protect by allowing our department as a whole become more educated and well-rounded.” - Kevin Uthe

“Receiving this scholarship from the IAFC Foundation is humbling. I'm honored to represent young Fire Explorers around the world. This scholarship will contribute toward attending the university of my dreams, and will help me to encourage students by example, to play a positive role in their own community as well. I am so thankful for this recognition, and so proud to surround myself with the support of my hometown's department, The Melville Fire Department, (MFD)  in Long Island , NY.” - Jaileen Vargas

“I am truly honored to be a recipient of the IAFC scholarship program. This award allows me to continue my pursuit towards my educational goals while reducing the financial burden. Thank you for believing in me and my desire to better serve my department and community.” - Brian Wells

“I am honored to be awarded the IAFC Foundation Explorer Scholarship. I will be using it to pursue degrees in both emergency management and fire science. I’ve spent the last three years as a fire explorer, and that experience is the reason I chose to become a firefighter.” - Calla Westcott